The key to an excellent website is not about flaunting its clever visuals and cool features, but is based on building a wonderful encounter for your visitors through slick and user-friendly layout and navigation that guide them to where they need to go effortlessly.

Welcome to Web-Graphics.com! We have created this website as a sample site to help web designers with examples of all the different types of designs and web graphics.

Here are great web design examples based on CSS, HTML, PHP, WP and etch that will offer a burst of design inspiration for young and ambitious web designer. Enjoy our previews of our custom designed work from different designers.

Santa Cruz Real Estate

It’s remarkable what you can do with these platform these days. Program for the latest web design properties, powerful in the latest types of all the leading browsers – even Google – and the possibilities for animation, typography and interactivity have never been bigger. But acquiring web design motivation can be tricky. American Dream Realty is an example of a general blogging site.


From the group behind the remarkable coding comes this amazing design, a brand new platform particularly for this niche. The product is referred to as a blend of sophisticated technology and keen craft, which is much like its design. AMS is a contractor website design examples. You can browse through some of the best website design examples on our site and make it your inspiration.


The website is completely responsive and, despite the fact that some of the interactive components aren’t seen on mobile, it does not diminish the experience or to be fully engage in the navigation. You probably won’t have a better chance to show off all your designing potential if it’s not by building and coding website for your own web design studio or agency.


Custom medical websites for doctors of different specialties. They offers best medical design with innovative control panel. Browse through several of the best medical site design examples online by going through the whole internet.