The cannabis bud is the valued appendage that appears following a plant enters the flowering phase of its plant cycle. The sugary crystals,  the orange hairs, the chunky knobs wrapped by very small leaves.

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Indoor and Outdoor Grow

There's two key ways to grow, outdoors and indoors. Some grower make use of a combination of the two and grow their cannabis plants indoors throughout the vegetative stage then move them outdoors when they are prepared to begin flowering.

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People in Marijuana

As stated by the United Nations, 158 million individuals all over the world use marijuana-more than 4% of the earth's population.

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Fun 420 Pics

Check out our rich collection of Marijuana images gathered from around the internet world.

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View these beautiful 420 photos and graphics and enjoy! 

These photos were gathered from around the internet world. We are striving for the legalization a marijuana in all 50 states. Web Graphics is a strong supporter of medical marijuana and recreational use worldwide!
View each galleries of flowers, buds, indoor and outdoor grow locations & people enjoying cannabis.

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